[[en]]Our Partners[[zh]]合作夥伴
[[en]]Logistics and Fulfillments[[zh]]物流及執行

[[en]]We work with different international and local courier companies to offer the best shipping experience to campaign creator.[[zh]]我們與多家國際及本地的快遞公司合作,提供最高效率的運輸物流服務。

[[en]]Product Design and Manufacturing[[zh]]產品設計及製造

[[en]]Make your product development seamless and cost-efficient with these resources for prototyping, procurement, 3D printing, and more.[[zh]]運用不同資源進行原型設計、採購及3D打印等服務,令您的產品開發能順利地進行且符合成本效益。

[[en]]PR and Marketing[[zh]]公關及市場推廣

[[en]]Expand your reach and build an audience with these agencies offering digital marketing services and more.[[zh]]提供數據營銷服務,有助於擴展您的業務覆蓋範圍並增加受眾數目。

[[en]]Retails, Distribution and E-Commerce[[zh]]零售、分銷及電子商務

[[en]]Continue your post-campaign sales in South East Asia, with the help of our e-commerce and crowdfunding partners from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.[[zh]]在來自日本、新加坡、台灣及香港的電子商務及眾籌之合作夥伴的協助下,有助您繼續在東南亞進行眾籌活動後的銷售。